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Find the latest patches which add LPC chipset support to Linux, Uboot, Apex etc. Also find pre-built binaries to showcase demos on LPC development boards.

LPC32xx Packages

Package Vanilla Source Patchset Release Notes
Linux linux- linux- Changelog
Linux 2.6.34 linux-2.6.34.tar.bz2 linux-2.6.34_lpc32x0-v1.10.patch.tar.bz2 Changelog
Uboot 2009.03 u-boot-2009.03.tar.bz2 u-boot-2009.03_lpc32x0-v1.07.patch.tar.bz2 Changelog
Linux linux- linux- Changelog
Misc. LPC32xx Packages
LPC32x0 CDL   Changelog
Old packages, no longer supported
Uboot 1.3.3 u-boot-1.3.3.tar.bz2 u-boot-1.3.3_lpc32x0_v1.01.patch.tar.bz2 Changelog
LPC32x0 CDL   Changelog
Pre-built binaries for the latest versions of u-boot, S1L?, and kickstart loader can be found on the lpclinux FTP site.

LPC313x Packages

Package Vanilla Source Patchset Release Notes
Linux 2.6.33 linux-2.6.33.tar.bz2 linux-2.6.33_lpc313x-v1.01.patch.tar.bz2 Changelog
Uboot 2009.11 u-boot-2009.11.tar.bz2 u-boot-2009.11_lpc313x-v1.01.patch.tar.bz2 Changelog
Linux linux- linux- Changelog
Apex 1.6.8 apex-1.6.8.tar.gz apex-1.6.8_lpc313x-v1.00.patch.tar.bz2 Changelog
Misc. LPC313x Packages
LPC313x CDL Changelog
LPC313x boot image creator source code unsimgcr_src.tar Source code for boot image creation tool.
Uboot makebootimage makebootimage.c C file to create image slicer tool.
LPC313x boot image creator UnsImgCr.exe Pre-built binary (runs on WinXP?/Win7) to format boot images.
LPC313x boot image creator unsimgcr Pre-built binary (runs on Linux) to format boot images.

LPC17xx Packages

Package Vanilla Source Patchset Release Notes
emCraft LPC17xx Linux port na Changelog?

LPC2000 Packages

Package Vanilla Source Patchset Release Notes
Uboot 2010.09 u-boot-2010.09.tar.bz2 u-boot-2010.09_ea2468-v1.00.patch Changelog?
Linux-2.6.38 na uClinux-20110210-ea2468_v091.tar.bz2 Changelog
Misc. LPC313x Packages
Pre-built GCC4.4.5 (OABI/NoMMU only) arm-unknown-linux-uclibc.tar.bz2  
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